Expose Your Food Waste


Halving Global Food Waste by 2030

Dozens of food manufacturers and food service providers across the world have pledged to cut waste in half by 2030. Waste cuts DEEP into a company’s profits and even deeper into the environment. Normandy WMS offers breakthrough technology capturing granular trends for each individual waste stream.


The Normandy 3.0
TURNKEY Solution

The Normandy 3.0 TURNKEY solution offers complete tools and information needed to identify the waste source, communicate objectives and DIMINISH waste generation. Full transparency also means there is complete traceability of waste streams required across global food safety organizations, including the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act.

We are proud to lead waste data collection supporting commercial food safety and waste reduction programs across the world.

The financial impact of food waste tracking

2,306k Tons

GHGS Reduced

317B Gallons

Water Saved


Economic Value Per Ton

571K Tons

Diversion Potential

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Why Normandy 3.0?

Waste is your next opportunity.


Measure and Manage

Create waste reduction goals to achieve your team benchmarks


24/7 Analytics

LIVE waste volumes and historical trending


Effortless Evaluation

Intuitive graphs and ONE CLICK data exporting


Hauler Alert

Eliminate bottlenecks, last minute pickups and wasted fuel charges

Customers We Serve

Food Manufacturers

Food processing waste represents 38% of the food waste market, with an expected growth rate of 5.1%. Waste cuts DEEP into a company’s profits. Many haulers offer container weight tools and sensors which aren’t effectively used to reduce waste. We’ve eliminated the complexities and created a simple, secure, robust machine to machine system to bring production sustainability efforts to the top of the waste management hierarchy. Our highly streamlined user-interface is accessible by plant operators, haulers, accountants, food safety teams – anyone across the corporation that requires real-time data.



Hotels and restaurants are responsible for forty percent of global food waste. Partnerships between hotel chains and non-profits have helped frame greater insights on the impacts, challenges and critical solutions to address source reduction. Through these efforts, hotels are becoming confident of reaching fifty percent waste reduction between 2025 and 2030. Normandy WMS supports these efforts for greater transparency of waste data across sales and purchasing departments to culinary and operation teams. A ten-second operator process generates a massive amount of data and incredible insights.



From elementary schools to college campuses, the educational journey must be supported with tools needed to curb food waste. Learning to donate uneaten food, and then tracking waste streams is critical to fostering data-driven meal programs and sustainable habits. With substantial grants and funding available to schools, our hardware and software will help your cafeteria identify, communicate and reduce food waste.



The restaurant industry is responsible for over $25 billion of food waste generated per year. According to ReFED, every dollar invested in food-waste reduction enables a restaurant to realize $8 in cost savings. With Normandy WMS hardware and web-based software, a restaurant can track waste, implement operational changes, and significantly impact the bottom-line.



Enter your information below to calculate projected savings you can accomplish with Normandy Waste Management Systems. And because we care about your sustainability, we’ll share  some additional food waste statistics. We want you to realize your cost savings.


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    Obsess Over Quantification

    Food waste streams are the most common profit eaters in food production. Waste by design and quality losses are inevitable. What food waste CAN be avoided?

    • Spilling
    • Poorly Designed Equipment
    • Hauler Bottlenecks
    • Damage
    • Forecasting Errors
    • Operator Errors
    • Inefficient Procedures

    Client Example

    The cost of a ton of bread


    Tons of Food Waste Per Month


    $ Lost Ingredients Per Ton of Waste


    $ Lost Sales Per Ton of Waste

    The average commercial bakery produces 175 tons of food waste every month

    Waste Ingredients: $64,000/month

    Lost Sales: $248,000/month