Waste stream analytics, trends, and data exports are LIVE across your global supply chain.

Our System

Normandy Dashboard

The secure Normandy platform allows for instantaneous data transfer from the facility to a private web-based company dashboard. Real-time, automatically updating graphs help management and facility workers identify and communicate waste data more accurately. Data export offers extreme versatility to share results and easily integrate numbers into internal data management systems.

Identify/record LIVE wastestreams and volumes

Create target waste goals

Monitor long-term trends

Normandy Headquaters

Data collected on the floor is safely transmitted through an industrial router, VPN and backed up in a secured cloud server. The infrastructure is supported by a 24/7 text alert system, ensuring connectivity of data.

Client Facility

Hardware & software arrive pre-configured with company-specific waste types, lines, shifts and MORE. The indicator is easy-to-navigate and accompanied with basic entry instructions. The simplicity of the system allows for all facility employees to realistically participate in entering waste volumes. Use of the indicator allows for all waste data to be recorded, saved and stored in one scalable system.

Reducing Waste is Just the

Normandy Waste Management Systems offers the solution to reducing costly food manufacturing waste. Because food manufacturing lines are intended for efficiency and consistency, often the food waste, and the associated costs, are overlooked. Our user-friendly system gives you the proper waste tracking tools to identify, communicate and reduce the cost of food processing waste – from the first step on the manufacturing floor to the last step at disposal. Food waste data is entered/stored at the customer facility, transmitted to Normandy Headquarters, then appears on your private customer dashboard.

Result Powered

Through a review of the waste data using Normandy’s waste management software, management can determine whether manufacturing waste streams are systems/equipment-based, employee-based, or even systemic, and take appropriate action to reducing food waste.

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