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We recognize the importance of finding a waste management application that simplifies your processes and improves performance


Features you need for container waste data collection

  • Secure Data Transfer
  • Live Container Weights 24/7
  • Email and Text Hauler Alert
  • Data Export
  • User-Friendly System
  • Mobile Web Design
  • Unlimited Users
  • Client Support


Features you need to track waste at one facility

  • Everything in the BASIC package
  • PLUS:
  • Track Waste Streams By Type, Line, Shift and More
  • Live Analytics Dashboard
  • Waste Trends
  • Waste Goals
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Features you need to track waste across multiple facilities

  • Everything in the BASIC and PLUS+ packages
  • PLUS:
  • Multiple Facility Integration
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A realistic approach. A solid system.

When searching for lean manufacturing tools for your facility, we recognize the importance of finding a waste management application that makes life simple. We’ve listened to our clients share endless stories on the challenges of food waste, giving us the feedback to develop the perfect service plan. Combining the food waste statistics you need with a completely user-friendly dashboard, Normandy 3.0 is your food waste solution.

Unlimited Users

Every Normandy subscription comes equipped with unlimited user entry and the option for personalized settings. Simply start your subscription and create as many usernames as needed to share the Normandy experience. Administrative privileges will be assigned to a single or multiple users, depending on the needs of

the manufacturing business.

Benefits: In designing a system that benefits many dimensions of your organizational structure, we recognize the need for unique preferences. Each member of your team may log in and modify the appearance of charts and graphs as desired. By offering a personalized user experience, extensive waste data is distributed and communicated more effectively to the appropriate employee.

Track Individual Waste Streams

From the team on the manufacturing floor to the corporate level, Normandy WMS offers unlimited access, 24/7 to private client dashboards. Displayed in an easy-to-use bar graph format, managers can analyze their data by line, waste type, shift, and total waste. The graphs also come with a drill-down function,

enabling the viewer to analyze data on a granular level. The shift-time setting is available so you may adjust the shift start/end times according to your facility.

Benefits: Defining waste types and the contained lines allow for highly-detailed information on waste generation. With the ability to view data on where you process the most waste, you may focus your waste reduction efforts for a higher return on investment. Setting shift times allows you to identify where higher food costs trend by shift.

Live Analytics Dashboard

Your private client dashboard is available 24/7 with real-time data displaying waste volumes and the associated costs (using client cost/unit inputs).

Benefit: Our web-based software and secure cloud design allow for constant data transfer from your facility to the dashboard. Real-time, automatically updating graphs helps management and facility workers identify and communicate waste data more accurately.

Waste Trends

With Normandy WMS, tracking waste data over time is a simple task. Data is automatically recorded by types, lines, shifts, and pick-ups, allowing you to simply analyze long-term trends in the area of focus.

At the point of inception, Normandy WMS records all waste volumes by the date and time. Identify the period of time for tracking, then analyze data trends by type, line, shift and pick-up. View waste trends and compare activities to your goals.

Benefits: With Normandy WMS, tracking waste data over time is a simple task. Data is automatically recorded by types, lines, shifts and pick-ups, allowing you to simply analyze long-term trends in the area of focus. By selecting periods of time and sorting information, you may compare activities to set goals. Date/time search allow you to target peak times for individual lines or highlight slower manufacturing timeframes.

Hauler Alert

Normandy WMS offers a unique service to monitor “Total Container Weight” at your facility. The Total Container Weight illustrates how much waste is currently in the receptacle, allowing management to monitor the waste and dispatch their hauler before the container is full and creates a bottleneck in operations.

Our “2 Step Hauler Alert” feature provides you (or your hauler) with an email and/or text notification when your container reaches 85% capacity and 100% capacity.

Benefits: With the Normandy dashboard, you have real-time access to volumes in the waste disposal container and historical data on servicing. With our hauler alert, you create more efficient operations and avoid paying unnecessary trip or fuel surcharges. Most importantly, you have secured and recorded information on your industrial food waste streams in your manufacturing facility, even after they have left the plant.

Multiple Facility Integration (MFI)

By opting into full integration, Normandy WMS becomes a widespread service available across multiple facilities in your organization. It provides one platform for your entire network of facilities, creating a standard system to immediately publish and communicate manufacturing waste data and goals.

On your dashboard, you have access to waste streams at each individual facility as well as an additional layer to compare data across all of your facilities. The starting price includes one “Corporate” dashboard as well as an additional “Plus” dashboard for your first operating facility.

Benefits: With your entire organization on-board with one hardware and software tracking system, your waste reduction management program is simplified. It provides an easy-to-use goal setting tool, communication across facilities, and immediate feedback that empowers every individual in the organization to perform their best to reduce waste and improve the bottom line.

User-Friendly System

Hardware (indicator) & software (dashboard) arrives pre-configured tailored to your waste lines and types. The indicator is easy-to-navigate and accompanied with a user-friendly Client Manual and available introductory training. Normandy’s dashboard is a turnkey system, allowing you to maintain your firewall, set your

own goals and take advantage of Normandy’s off-site hosting and backup.

Benefits: The simplicity of the indicator allows for all facility employees to realistically participate in entering waste volumes. Use of the indicator allows for all waste data to be recorded, saved and stored in one automated system. Our dashboard offers all employees a streamlined visual of the waste data and goals.

Data Export

All data is designed to be easily exported automatically into your data management system via our web-based service. Data is also available for retrieval in an Excel spreadsheet. From line and shift food waste data to waste trends over time, export all data within the desired date range.

Your data is accessible to meet the needs of your facility.

Benefits: Waste data is always available on the secure Normandy server. However, exporting data provides more versatility to share results with management and easily integrate numbers into you own company data systems.

Weight to Cost Tool

Instantly convert your waste volumes to cost by inputting the desired value of the waste line.

Benefits: Understanding the extreme costs associated with your waste volumes can be difficult. With our instant waste to cost conversion tool, the cost of your waste is calculated automatically.

Waste Goals

This feature provides the ability to establish and communicate targeted manufacturing waste reduction goals. After reviewing the available waste data to identify trends, management can set realistic waste reduction goals on a daily, weekly, monthly or even annual scale through the administration page.

Goals can be set for total waste, a particular type of waste, a production line, or a shift. These manufacturing waste reduction goals appear as a red line on the Waste Trend graph. These graphs can be viewed in real time by facility employees, communicating the goal for their particular area of responsibility, as well as up-to-date information on the performance of that area.

Benefits: The Waste Goal feature not only offers management a convenient yet powerful communication tool, but gives the plant operators (those that can actually affect process performance) ownership of the program by showing them the objective as well as current performance. No longer do employees have to wait until the new month to find out that they missed their goals the previous month. With Normandy Waste Management Systems, feedback is timely and allows employees the opportunity to monitor their waste reduction progress and make adjustments.

Mobile Responsive Design

We believe in making your waste reduction effort simple by offering one efficient web-based design delivering the content you need. Login to your Normandy dashboard from any of your mobile devices to receive the complete user experience. All personalized settings and features are saved in

our cloud-based server, giving you the versatility to login from anywhere on any device.

Benefits: From mobile apps, mobile versions to full desktop versions, switching from multiple versions of your site can make your experience complex. At Normandy, we’ve created one perfectly simple version with excellent utility.

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